Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Christmas- HAPPY!

Whew, is it just me or did Christmas just FLY by? I can't believe that the children are back in school!

Yesterday was Rick's birthday. Happy Birthday to my best friend- a great husband and father!

New Year's Eve was quiet and fun. We watched the football game and a neighbor's house, enjoyed a few kid-friendly fireworks, and the four of us enjoyed an intense game of Headbands. Okay, not really intense but fun. It is a kid's game- you wear a band around your forehead with a card on it that you can not see. Then you ask questions to everyone to try and figure out what you are (a carrot, bed, shoe, cat). The children had a blast and we did too. Reagan was determined to stay up until midnight, and she did! Cameron crashed as soon as the ball dropped, but Reagan kept going for another half hour. Yes, I do let my children stay up that late on New Year's Eve! Bad parent, I know. But if you have not enjoyed ice cream sundaes at midnight, you should try it. Once a year is fun!


We had such a great Christmas this year. This was the second Christmas out of SIX that Reagan was NOT sick!!! She really enjoyed opening presents this year. After all of Santa's presents were opened and enjoyed, Rick snuck out to pick up our gift to the children- A new puppy! I think Cameron almost passed out when he saw this little fella. Max the puppy was adopted from a shelter in Orangeburg. He was rescued in November from a trashcan! He is the sweetest little thing and we are glad to welcome our new addition! A quote from Cameron "Mom, I can't even explain how my heart feels-it is so full!" Too sweet. Reagan likes him, mostly from a distance, but she will talk to him from time to time and even held him yesterday. She is not a dog lover, but she really is warming up to Max.

We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful memory-making time with their families for Jesus' birthday! We are looking forward to a healthy 2011!

I will definitely be posting next week! We will be celebrating FIVE, yes FIVE years with Reagan's new heart! Whew, don't even get me started. Happy tears!

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  1. Wahoo!!!!! Great pictures! I am sure they loved their puppy surprise!!! We are "bad" parents too! We have spent EVERY New Years with our kiddos, and we always let them stay up til midnight with us too!!! We played Monopoly Jr. this year!!! And, you'll hav eme in tears with the next post, I am sure!!! HAPPY tears for sure!!!