Monday, January 17, 2011

Pictures from Heart Day

Okay, I have a few minutes to download some pictures from Heart Day. We left Friday for the Great Wolf Lodge. Uncle Paul was nice enough to stay at our house and watch Max. He had his puppy shots that morning and Reagan can not be around him for a few days because the shots he gets are live viruses.

She decked out in her heart and bones shirt (that she picked out)! We played all afternoon, then went to Carrabbas for dinner. Pizza for Reagan of course-she eats all of the cheese off of the top of the slices!

We went back to the room for cake and play time. She always gets a gift. She has been asking for a globe and has still not put it down. She even takes a nap with it!

Too funny.

There are a few pictures of Reagan at the waterpark. I couldn't catch Cameron in any pictures because he was too busy flying down the slides!

We had a great weekend!

Sorry for the long post about Heart Day- I guess I just started typing and some of the memories came out!


  1. what a wonderful post! i am so thankful to be able to have been apart of that great day 5 years ago! and what a wonderful mommy you have been over these years! Cam is getting so big and so handsome! tell rick i said hello! love you! :)--T