Monday, April 26, 2010

April has been busy, but fun!

Whew, April has been busy! We started the month with Easter. We spent the morning finding eggs and going through baskets. We even had a visit from the Tooth Fairy that night too! We then traveled to Spartanburg to visit with my family.

Next on the agenda was Cameron's birthday-April 12th. We celebrated his 7th birthday with dinner at Fatz (his choice). That Saturday night we had a few boys over for a campout-complete with tents, hotdogs, smores, and flashlight tag. They had a great time but mom and dad were exhausted!

The day before the campout was Reagan's birthday. She wanted to have her 5th birthday dinner at Outback (she loves the bread and butter). That Sunday (yes, the day after the campout) was her party. She had a fun party at Lake Murray Gymnastics and she really had a blast. Because she was able to have full range on the theme choices, we ended up with a Barbie ballerina cake, Hello Kitty tableware, and Princess balloons! Sounds a little chaotic I know, but somehow it all looked cute together.

Friday was my birthday and it was pretty low-key. Reagan and I shopped in the morning and had lunch together. The four of us went out for pizza for dinner. I do love to spend time with them!

I really can't believe how fast our children are growing up- right in front of us. I am so proud of them. I love their compassion for others, their love of life, their silliness, and their snuggles.

They are the reason for this blog. I want to remember even the little things as they continue to zoom through life.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Just trying to add pics to my posts....

Monday, April 5, 2010


Okay, maybe I am getting old, but creating a blog is hard! Well, starting the blog was easy but making it cute is another!

I am just going to start posting and maybe one of my "cute blog" friends will feel sorry for me and come over and help!

I am so glad that April is here. February and March was not fun as far as our health and stress goes. On top of it being "sick season", I decided to work part time at a CPA firm. Haven't done that in a while but it has been fun. I didn't realize that I had missed working- a little.

As far as sickness, Reagan has had it all! Colds, strep, you name it. We stopped taking an antibiotic for her lungs in February and she has been sick every week it feels like.

In February, she had her yearly cath and biopsy. We were so excited about the results because she had no rejection. A week later, we got more labs back that the team was a little concerned about. Her EBV (Ebstien Barr Virus) levels had been slowy climbing for a few years. These labs are checked on a yearly basis. EBV can cause mono in most people but for Reagan who has a supressed immune system, it can also be the cause of PTLD, which is Post Transplant Lymphoma. DIDN'T want to hear that! At the time of the labs, she was sick with Strepp and was trying to get over that. After more labs, they determined that her levels were back to ZERO! PS- Thank you GOD for listening to the million prayers that were sent. You are good to us!!!
Next post will hopefully be with lots of pictures- It's birthday time at the POTTER house!