Thursday, June 9, 2011

Practicing to be an ECHO MD and catching up with other things

WOW-It has been too long since an update! I think events continued to happen and I would want to postpone updating the blog "until this weekend" but that never happened. We were just so busy. And that with us is a good busy- just living life!

We had a quick update this month with cardiology. Many of you know that Reagan wants to be an "echo doctor" when she grows up so she always wants to play "echo doctor" after her echo. Needless to say she is spoiled and she asks so sweetly that they all say of course! Her visit went well thank the good Lord!

I am going backwards in events that have happened so I will try to remember them all. We just had a huge school meeting with our public school and we are going to TRY it for Reagan this year. She BEGS to go to school with Cameron and she will begin kindergarten (again) in the fall. There are so many i's to dot and t's to cross before I am comfortable and they are too but we are going to TRY. Big step for momma for sure!

Cameron finished up with second grade last week. He had an amazing year with an amazing teacher and great group of friends. We are so proud of him! He also tried out and made Academy Soccer(travel) and he is super excited to begin in August.

Back to May. Cameron had his First Communion and it was such a sweet day. Nanna and grandaddy were in town to celebrate and several aunts, uncles, and cousins joined us for a brunch that morning. Cameron did a great job and was so handsome!

That same weekend was Reagan's last dance recital. Because dance gets more involved the older you are, we have decided to find new activities for next year. Any ideas? We were thinking Girl Scouts or an instrument to play. Who knows with Reagan- she usually has something in that great big mind of hers!

May also wrapped up her last day of kindergarten. It was a great year of socialization and learning for her. This small little half-day class has prepared her for "real" school next year!

April was busy with birthdays. Cameron's was first. He turned 8 this year and had a low key birthday after Reagan's party. He invited a couple of friends to Frankie's Fun Park and enjoyed laser tag, rides, games, pizza, and a big soccer cookie. I can't believe that fella is 8! It makes me sad.

The next birthday was Reagan's. She had her party at Lake Murray Gymnastics AGAIN this year. She had so much fun last year she wanted everything the same. She had a Coraline party, complete with buttons to decorate the black and purple table. Will she ever get out of this black phase? It was a fun party and she couldn't stop smiling and laughing. Isn't that all that matters?? She is so happy...makes me so happy too.

The last birthday was mine- yes the big 4-0! Not as bad as I thought it might be. I don't feel old yet- no gray hairs yet either! We met friends at a small place in Ballentine to hear a friends' band. Very chill and fun.

April ended with Easter. I love Easter mornings! We started with baskets and egg hunting, lunch at mom and dad's, and family time for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, we don't usually get to enjoy church on Easter. Everyone who doesn't go to church actually goes on Easter so we try and stay away from all of the germs.

We are looking forward to being lazy and enjoying summer! We are at the pool almost every day and will be at the beach soon. The children will enjoy a VBS or two, and Cameron has soccer camp in August. Other than that- we are free to play!

I will try and update more often. Hope everyone enjoys the summer!

God Bless!