Monday, May 24, 2010

Glad THAT is over...

So, we are home. That means that Reagan's surgery was quick and successful this morning. We started the day at the hospital at 5:30am. Well, I started my day at 3am because I HATE the night before surgery. I am so stressed out at the possibilities. What if? I decided to be positive and get up and pack up our things in hopes that we would be able to leave today with both of our babies. I guess that positive attitude and a lot of praying worked. She is totally remembering more each time she goes back and my heart breaks. She asked a nurse if they were going to mask her before they let her take a nap. She told them that she did not like it! We have never even talked about that so I was shocked when she asked them. After the procedure, she came back with a pink cast on her arm and a purple one on her leg. Very stylish! She has had bad dreams most of the day. She was in a lot of pain earlier, but we are trying to get in front of that with medicine. I am so thankful for the prayers. We are so happy to have this procedure behind us.

Recital news:
She had such a great time at the recital! She is such a little ham and we all enjoyed watching such a brave little girl overcome so many obstacles and just have fun dancing! I think most of us cried the entire time she was on stage. Lots of memories rushed through my mind while she was up there. I do love her so much.

Cam news:
Can't forget my favorite little man! He has been a really good big brother throughout all of this. He even enjoyed the recital a little too!

Last week, he had a slice of watermelon in his lunchbox (his favorite). He ran outside after he got home from school to plant seed that he saved. He took care of his little seed with TLC and water. The second day, I saw him outside pondering something. He came inside to ask a question.
Cam- "Mom, do you think we could get even more seeds, maybe from different vegetables and fruits?"
Me- "Yes son, why?"
Cam- "I think that I will make a garden and plant a lot of fruits and vegetables."
Me- "That sounds like fun."
Cam- "Can you find a place to take them so we can give our food that we grow to people that don't have any food?"
Me- "Yes son, I think we can do that for sure."

Wow- I really love my children. Rick and I are so very blessed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Month of May- lots of action!

Wow- lots of action in May! I loved Mother's Day. I spent the day with my babies while Rick worked (ugh!) We had a nice visit in Spartanburg with my mom, dad, sister, and niece. I love my mom and am so grateful to have her in my life!
As far as MY mother's day, spending time with my children is the best! They are amazing children that remind us daily that we are blessed. They are growing so fast!

Cameron wrapped up his soccer games last week with a great last game. He already misses it!

Reagan has been a busy girl! She has been practicing for her graduation from preschool for several weeks now. She graduated on Wednesday night and she was so cute. She is not shy for sure! She had two speaking parts- one of them saying her name, age, and that she wants to grow up to be a ballerina for Jesus!

Speaking of ballet, she had pictures for dance on Thursday. She LOVED getting her hair and makeup done. She was very patient! We are so excited about her upcoming recital at the Koger Center on Saturday, May 22nd. It's at 1:30 for those of you with nothing to do on a Saturday (ha-ha). Your are all welcome!

Right after the recital, we are leaving for Charleston for her surgery the following Monday. I really think that her pneumonia has cleared, but we will find out more on Tuesday. If it has, the surgery is a go. She will roll out in a wheelchair as she will have her arm in a full cast and one leg in a dull cast for a few weeks. These surgeries will improve the function of her hands and feet. Please keep her in your prayers for that day!

We will post even more pictures after the recital!

God Bless!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A low key week...

Today is great. We are all lying around the house, thinking of things to do. We are usually going in so many different directions that it is nice to take a "day off". Church, lunch, and naps-AAH!

Yesterday was soccer game day. Cameron's team played his cousin Dani's team. They were so excited and both played a great game. Only one more game left next week and then he is off for the summer. It seems as if May is full of "last days"- soccer, CCD (Sunday School), dance, Reagan's preschool classes. I think we are all ready for summer to get here!

This week was filled with a few more doctor's visits and labs and x-rays than we usually have. It seems that Reagan continues to catch something the same day that she stops her antibiotics. This week,she had a low-grade fever and a yuckier cough. After the checkup on Thursday, he felt it was necessary for Reagan to get an x-ray. His hunch was right- pneumonia was found in one of her lungs. We started a strong antibiotic on the same day and she seems to be doing well with it. One reason we love summer- Reagan stays well!

As I am posting, my family tells me that I am done for now. It is water ballon time! Okay I guess, it IS 92 degrees!

Hope everyone has a great week!