Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can't keep a strong girl down!

So we are home. The surgery was quick and successful. No cast this time, only bandages. The screw seemed to want to be out as well. It looked like it had back up into the top of her foot, and was protruding a little through the skin. It was a hardware-looking screw, about an 1-1/2 inches long. Yes- Yuck! They cleaned it up and let her take it home.

Because she seems to get pneumonia or lung infections of some sort after being intubated, and since the procedure was a quick one, it was decided that they would "mask her" and keep her airway open, instead of the long tube down the throat. I was elated to hear this. Her lungs are already not the best, but after surgeries they are terrible.

She woke up quicker, in a better mood, and it was great! She slept the whole way home and then rested an hour or two on the couch. She decided to scoot on the ground while wide awake, then hopped into her car-de-car (as she calls a little push car that she can't seem to part with). A few minutes later, she hops out of car-de-car and starts walking.

I am amazed.

Guess what she says?????

AHHHHHHHHH, that feels sooooooooo much better without the screw!

That girl! We could all take lessons about the little pains in our own life- just deal with it and keep on playing!

Thanks for the prayers!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last surgery of the summer??

Reagan's last surgery on her feet (for a while) will be on Tuesday. The surgeon is ready to take the screw out of her right foot. It has only been in for 2 months, but he did not want it in any longer.

I know SHE knows that it is coming out this week and she is glad. She favors the foot as she walks and says she can feel it. Gotta be a yucky feeling. However, she does not know that she will have to be put on the ventilator again. She will not be happy. It should be a quick procedure and, if everything goes well, we will be home the same afternoon.

Luckily, she can easily adapt to situations that are unpleasant. I hate that she has had to endure so much. Let's don't even go there. It is not for us to question why God allows others to endure more than most. We just have to be glad that HE is there to help us through things. I know I am glad. And we sure are glad that she is here too. It helps that almost every minute of her life is pure happiness. She is happy to be here- you can feel it.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy what is left of the summer! It sure is going by fast!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Loving Summer

Reagan is finally walking again, with a little hesitation, so we are catching up on our summer fun.
I do catch Cameron on camera -not very often- helping his little sister. They were playing in the sprinkler, and she asked him to help her walk. He grabbed her hand and didn't say a thing.

We enjoyed the beach last week with my family. The children had a blast! My little girl is growing up. She talked about riding the small rides in Myrtle Beach at Broadway. She asked if she could get on the rides with Cameron and Katie (her cousin)- NO ADULTS! It makes me happy for her but sad for me! The years are flying by!

Cameron had a great time, not on the kiddie rides, but on the "gerbil" ball as he called it. I was scared but he had a blast. We had video of Cameron in the ball, and the only thing we heard was a quiet voice begging to do it too. You guessed it- Reagan! I guess she had gotten into her "no fear" mode and wanted to do it too. Of course, mom heeded the warnings regarding heart and lung conditions. No way will I send my tiny one out there. I didn't even want Cameron out there but Rick overruled me on that one. Okay, maybe I am a little TOO cautious. Is there really such a thing?!?!

The Fourth of July was fun too. The children loved the poppers and sparklers, and we enjoyed going out to the beach to shoot the bigger fireworks too. Rick made ribs and they were great!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer and spending special time with your children or loved ones as much as we are!