Friday, September 24, 2010

A season to dread- but not for HER!

I really do dread Fall and Winter. While I love the crispness that fall brings (at some point), the fun fall activities, the awesome holidays that winter has, and even the occasional snow fall, I really dread the sickness that comes. I actually feel like I just hold my breath and wait for summer to come again.

But not my children, especially Reagan for some reason. Maybe they were talking about it in school? She has been asking every day if it is fall yet. Finally, we googled it because I knew that it was coming up but it was not on my calendar. I told her that it was the first official day of Fall on Tuesday. Yesterday we picked Cameron up from school and immediately started homework. We had opened the windows in the dining room and Reagan began to scoot a heavy chair across the floor. She pushed it all the way to the window, climbed up like she was on a mission, and propped her feet up on the window sill. Cameron and I looked at each other and laughed. When we asked her what she was doing, she leaned up and said

"Mom, it's fall. I am watching the leaves fall to the ground!"

No cares, especially that there were no leaves falling (okay one or two maybe)or that it was 98 degrees.

She sat there and watched for a long while, smiling the whole time.

Maybe Fall is not so bad after all, not yet. It sure made her happy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Only 14 hours of school and then...

SICK! I Really thought that she would make it further into the year, maybe even the whole week. I don't even think that anyone has been sick in her class yet, but who knows where she got it from.She spiked a fever on Thursday night so we went to our favorite pediatrician the next morning. I don't think that we have been into the office for a sick visit for two WHOLE months (maybe a record). Another reason I love summer.

She was mad because she could not go to school on Friday. She even asked if she could go to school and not touch anyone and wash her hands a lot. She is too smart! Dr. Todd could not find anything wrong, so we must have caught something in the early brewing stages. A few spikes later, and we started the antibiotic. We have started discussions about how to deal with sickness this winter. Hopefully we can come with something new that can keep her in school a little longer than 10 hours!

Saturday afternoon she was feeling much better. Needless to say our anniversary plans turned into a fun night at home. 9/11 was our TEN year anniversary! The children helped me find old pics of their mom and dad together while Rick worked all day. They made signs for the "restaurant" that was at our house. The restaurant was named TEN. They also made menus and were our waiter and waitress for the night. Still a night to remember, we all enjoyed it.

This past week Reagan started dance class again. She was so excited to see her same teacher and couldn't wait to go back again today.

Cameron is enjoying second grade and starts soccer with practice tomorrow. He is REALLY excited about it this year!

I will post pics later, when I have a little more time. We were at the beach house for Labor Day and took some family pictures.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten- Let the Tears Roll!

I really thought that I was nothing more than excited for Reagan to attend her sweet little kindergarten class. I have not shed a tear, okay until Monday.

Monday was Parent/Teacher night- no kiddos. Rick stayed home with the kids and I attended. The teacher was going over the handbook and we got to the "sick" section. You know, don't bring your kids to school with....

Then she looks at me and asks if I will share a few words. I started out by saying my name, my daughter's name, and then LOST IT! Yes, tears flowing! Embarrassing!!! I did manage to pull it together (a little) enough to finish a quick story. A few parents came up to me laughing, telling me they had been crying all afternoon about their child starting school, with no problems at all.

I guess that I had suppressed feelings about my baby starting school, to say the least. Not that I am sad about her growing up, well not totally. I think I always knew that she would get her new heart, I just never pictured anything else in the future. I never let myself plan for the future, not even buy clothes for next season. It felt like I was being presumptuous. We all just live happily in the moment. And look where we are- THE FUTURE! I am so proud of her and the things that she has accomplished. We are so happy that she is so happy.

Yesterday was open house. Rick and I attended with Reagan to officially meet the teachers. She was so excited during her scavenger hunt and playing in the new room. She saw pictures of herself everywhere and really liked it.

She is beginning to enjoy learning. She wants to sound out almost every word now and asks what letter it starts with. She gets it right most of the time!

Today is the first official day of school for her. She will only be there for 2 hours. I will download pictures later today.

Wish her luck today! I don't think that she will need it though! Me on the other hand...Ugh! I am crying now!