Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up....

The past two weeks have been all about soccer. This week Cameron attended soccer camp. Soccer has been on the television a lot too. We are all in to the World Cup. It has been exciting. The children love to blow their vuvuzela's (soccer horns) during the games. We are sad that USA is now out of the finals, but we will continue to watch the games. I will continue to wash his Landon Donovan jersey because he wants to wear it daily!

Cameron and Reagan- enjoying watermelon!
Well, Reagan enjoyed making the watermelon balls, but did not like the taste.

We enjoyed the beach trip too! I remember the first day on the beach while we were playing in the ocean. Reagan said- I don't see how I can leave the ocean today mom. I am having too much fun!

Father's Day weekend was fun too. I took the children to my parent's house on Friday. I got to celebrate my brother's birthday that day. Saturday, my brother and sister and their families came over to my parent's house to swim. We had a cookout and started Father's Day a little early. I have the greatest dad. He is such a kind, gentle, giving person. I am lucky to have him!
We came back Saturday evening to make our plans for Rick's Father's Day. He truly is a wonderful father to my children and loves them so much. I love that he can not get enough of them, and they love to spend time with him too. We made breakfast for him, watched soccer, played games, went swimming, and grilled his favorite-cowboys. That is what his favorite steak is called (bone-in ribeye). It was yummy! What a fun day.

Last week, Reagan got another double lung infection. She sounds a little better this week, and is feeling completely normal. She is her happy self! She is walking a little more, but the right foot is still sore from surgery. The plan for her upcoming surgery in July is to take the screw out of her ankle. We hope that this won't effect her walking but only a few days. She does miss running and being so independent. As for me, my back really hurts! It's not too bad, I would do it forever if I needed too!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

IOP, here we come!

I am up early this morning-okay who am I kidding. I am an early bird and always up this early! I am making our checklist so we can go to the beach today! For those of you that really know me, you know that I am addicted to making lists!

Reagan has been asking to go the beach after her casts were off. So we are off to Wild Dunes to the beach house this morning. They are so excited! I LOVE to hit the beach with my children. It is pure bliss to hear their laughter over the calm sounds of the waves. I could sit there all day! Cameron loves the water and the sand. He loves wave riding the most. Reagan loves sitting at the edge of the water and waiting for it to roll over her. She loves to dig holes to put her tiny feet in.

Okay, I am getting excited too!

We hate that dad can not make it this time, but can't wait to go again with him. He is fun to go to the beach with. I love it when Rick is so relaxed!

I'll post pictures when we get home Sunday. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A long week....but a good one!

This past week has been a long one. We were able to get Reagan's pain under control, but it took a few days. After 100's of bad nightmares and lots of pain, she got a stronger medication two days after the surgery. When we gave her "the big guns", she was okay after 30 minutes. I could tell as soon as it hit. She looked around at all three of us and said "Okay, who wants to tell me a knock knock joke?" We knew she would be okay. I guess these heart kiddos have had so much medication, it takes a lot for them to be okay. She was then able to enjoy rolling around and being pushed in her wheelchair by her brother. We put the laptop in a spot that fit her tiny wheelchair perfectly. She has learned to play lots of games this week!

We were in Charleston on Wednesday for a followup appointment. I was excited that they took the casts off of her hands and feet. She hated the machine that did it and screamed the entire time. As soon as it was over, she stopped. Her sites were healing well so that was good news. Today she has practiced standing on her own when we are not looking. I am sure the feet hurt, but I really don't think that she will be on the ground for very long. She likes to go too much!

That is the reason for the title. She likes to go and has had no way to go. I feel as if I have lived two lives for the past week- exhausting! She was a busy beaver after she started to feel better. Not that I am complaining!

Wednesday was Cameron's last day at school. Rick stayed at home with him while the girls left for Charleston. This was a last minute decision to ditch us for the pool, a son/dad soccer match, and Frankie's Fun Park. Who wouldn't want to stay at home with all of that fun? Glad the boys enjoyed the first day of summer vacation! He really deserved it. Cameron is a great student that has learned so much this year. I can't believe that I now have a rising second grader!

I can't even begin to think about having a rising kindergartner too! I need to change the subject before I start crying!Anyway, we are looking forward to summer. Pool mornings, nap afternoons! Throw in VBS, a few beach trips, and we are happy!

Hope everyone is enjoying the week too!