Friday, February 25, 2011

A Shark no more and Cath time

As many of you know, Reagan got 3 of her permanent teeth over a year ago- at only 4 years old. Her tiny baby teeth have wanted to stay too. We finally decided to have them taken out. Wednesday, we went to the dentist to get "gas", but Reagan had other ideas. She is a force to be reckonned with when she is scared (especially at the dentist). The nitrious did NOTHING for her. It was a horrible visit for her, mom, and the dentist but she did walk out with FOUR teeth out! No more two rows of teeth for her. As soon as she left, she was happy again and wanted to swing and play. Reagan has an amazing tollerance for pain- I just hate that she has to exercise that tollerance from time to time.

We leave this weekend for MUSC so she can have her yearly heart cath. This time they will not biopsy the heart only check out her heart and coronary arteries. I hate this procedure, but know it is necessary. I can't wait until it is over though! Monday afternoon can not come fast enough!

I haven't taken many pictures lately but here is one from Reagan's 100th day of school. She was very excited about this day.

I did take the video camera this week to Cameron's school for his Jump Rope for Heart Event. Reagan went with me and loved hanging with her big brother as he dedicated his jump to her. Too sweet!

Please pray that Reagan has a successful heart cath and that wonderfully beating heart is the best it can be!

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  1. What a brave, beautiful girl!!!! You know we are praying for her on Monday! Every time I see that sweet smile of hers I am inspired!

    Love to you~ Rebecca